Twine Game

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I’ve created my first twine game! It’s still a bit rough and needs much editing but here’s my first result! Let me know what you guys think/have any questions in the comment box down below!

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How to make a game on Twine

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To make a Twine, you must first download the software onto your Mac or PC. You open the software onto your laptop and a page with a white box that says “Start” will appear. Don’t change the name of this box. To write on this box, double click it. Now you can start your short story into the passage. After you’ve written your passage, create a link to link it to the next passage you’ll create. To create a link, you must insert two bracket [[ ]] around the word you wish to link. Once you’ve done that, within the link, you can insert  a | after the word you wish to link. Whatever is after the | is the new page that link will take you to. Remember, your reader can only see what is before | and not what is after it. An orange exclamation point will appear at the bottom right of your box on the original page. This just means that you have to create another box in order to link the start box. Once you’ve done that, make sure that the title of your new box is the same as what you put after the |. Then you’ve created a new link! Continue with this process and you would have developed a story in no time! After you’ve done a couple of more links, click on story at the top of your  computer, then click on Build Story and that will save your story as an HTML on any web browser . And there you have it! You’re first interactive story.   If you have any questions, just leave a comment in the comment box down...

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Halloween Scare!

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As we come to a close end to the scariest/busiest month of the year, Halloween is just around the corner! During these last few days, little kids go from door to door collecting their candy rotting their teeth. Teens go out and party, dressing in costumes that may be revealing to banana suites that just crack you up. However you like to “celebrate” Halloween, it is important to do it right. Meaning: You gotta get SCARED! A few suggestions to tingle your fears, I recommend grabbing a couple of your friends and going out to an amusement park where they do special events just for Halloween! For example, KingsDominion opens at 7pm till midnight keeping most their rides open and running while the rest of the park is decorated in terrifying props of rats, blood, webs, etc. Scare zones, each with a different theme from Carnival to Tribal to Fairies, are set through out the park where random people jump at you and screech in your ears. If you don’t want to be scared out of your pants, then simply don’t act scared or screech back at them! Another fun scare fest is the classic Haunted Forest. Again, come with a group of friends and make sure to have a buddy! You’ll be walking through the forest in the middle of the night and it’s mainly pitch black with little candles guiding your way.  The Haunted Forest is much scarier and even if you don’t act scared, the characters will try to terrify you even more. Regardless of what you guys  do with your Halloween plans, I hope you have a terrifying one! What do you guys usually do during Halloween? Let me know in the comments...

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Weekend Posting

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Why is it so difficult to keep up with posting over the weekends?  I feel as if it should be easier as opposed to the week days since we have a lot more time to come up with creative blog posts. Maybe it’s because we’re just so warn out by the end of the week that we’re excited to hang out with friends that posting simply just slips out of our. I’m  honestly not sure what else to say about this post except that I hope everyone enjoys their...

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OSX Mavericks

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The newest software upgrade is now available for Mac laptops for FREE! Make sure to get yours a soon as possible! The new software’s most noticeable features are the IBooks app and Maps, both have been modified in a more friendly user way with cool new features! To read more about it click on this link: Click Here I’m personally enjoying the new Software since when I got my laptop I had the older software and did not purchase the latest one. It feels like as if I purchased a new laptop, but again, it was free! Make sure to go to the App store and get yours. Ps: Downloading the new upgrade took about 3 hours for my laptop, so make sure when you do download it, to download at a time when you don’t need to use it. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!...

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Today on October 23 2013, ISA (Islamic Student Association) is hosting its annual Fast-A-Thon event at 6pm in the Faculty Dining Hall of Seaco. ISA is a Mary Washington club that talks about Islamic culture in modern days. It teaches students how Islam culture can vary from country to country and the influence that Islam has in art, literature, science, and other forms of studies. It’s a great club for those who have a desire to learn more about Islam and its culture. Specifically for Fast-A-Thon though, they challenge students to fast (no water!) from sunrise to sunset. The purpose of fasting is to teach humility, humbleness, and patience for oneself and to also to be grateful for the blessings we have. What are your opinions on fasting? Have you ever done it? Let me know in the comments...

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Working out and Eating Right

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Towards the end of my freshmen year, I decided to take an exercise class each semester for my years at Mary Washington. Currently, I am enrolled in Beginner’s Individual Exercise where the students are allowed to use the gym freely as they please. We also have the option to work out outside to enjoy it when the weather is nice and cool. With taking a form of a work out class, I notice a change in myself where I’m happier, more awake, and aware and focused on my studies. Along with keeping my body in motion, my taste buds have taken a turn for more of healthier choices. With that, I’ve just generally felt great in both the mind and body. I encourage people to participate in activities that make them move their bodies and eat healthier foods. How do you stay...

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Learning/coding HTML is probably one of the most interesting things that we’ve been working on in Digital Studies. With websites such as CoAcademy and TeamTreeHouse, anyone can learn how to code and make HTML. It’s a great resource for our modern day time to help us understand how the computer/internet work. To go beyond the search engine and into the complexity that makes up the world wide web. With knowing how to manipulate HTML, people have the ability to create and make their own websites. Even beyond that, users can personalize their webpages to their own liking. It is definitely a useful tool to know for future and possible job opportunities. It’s fun and with practice can be easy to use. What are your opinions, interests, dislikes, etc. on HTML? Share in the comments down...

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Audrey Hepburn

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There are many different icons from singers, actors, news anchors, activists and so on. But what makes a person iconic? One of my favorite icons is Audrey Hepburn who stared in many successful movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday, and My Fair Lady. But other than starring in different movies and getting Oscar nominations, she is also a fashion icon influencing what we wear in our modern day dress. But most importantly, Audrey Hepburn was  involved in many different communities and events that raised money and advocated against hunger and so on. Who’s your...

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